Jeremy James Meyer is a renaissance man, a builder, and a seeker. Born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon; he would attend folk music and dance camps up and down the West coast. Steeped in sea shanties, and old-time, ballads and ragtime, he developed a taste for the folk arts. As an aspiring songwriter, making the transition was natural when he set down the violin, at age 14, to pick up the guitar. By his early twenties, he had begun taking on a more calculated approach to songwriting; and, as young folk are wont, when equipped with tools, instruments and a mind keen to roam, he hit the road. Traveling throughout the Western and Southern states.

The road is never straight, and in some cases, barely paved. Through the ups and downs, Jeremy has been finding clarity in his voice. As a writer, he seeks out feeling and sensation in a song. To dwell in its matter, and absorb and regurgitate the most rudimentary and personal aspects. As a guitar player, he has honed his style into a well blended caricature of Americana, pulling influences from country, ragtime, blues and folk to soul, hip-hop, and rock n' roll.


Currently, you can catch him playing bass for Eugene, OR based country/soul band, Caitlin Jemma & The Goodness.