Birdhouse (CD) - 2017

Birdhouse back.jpg
Birdhouse back.jpg

Birdhouse (CD) - 2017


JEREMY JAMES MEYER'S BIRDHOUSE is a self-recorded and produced EP focusing on vocal driven melodies and simple percussion. Written and inspired by the road, and the desert, and the trees; it follows the transition, the unknown, on the path of a sojourner.

1. A Rest 03:52

2. Hard Lemons 02:46

3. Here I Am 03:23

4. Day Out Of Time 05:18

Produced by Jeremy James Meyer
Engineered and mixed by Jeremy James Meyer
Recorded at The Birdhouse in Grants Pass, OR
Additional mixing with help from Chad Crumm
Mastered by Chad Crumm
at Chad’s house in New Orleans, LA
All songs written and played by Jeremy James Meyer

Cover artwork by David Aaron Smith (
Photo by Anne van Dam

©2017 New American Roots Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

released December 21, 2017

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