Jeremy James Meyer LP (pre order)

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Jeremy James Meyer LP (pre order)



Jeremy James Meyer

  1. Starter (intro)
  2. Beer & Fried Chicken
  3. Out Of Love
  4. Grown
  5. Pure And Simple
  6. Wood Music (interlude)
  7. 53rd And Lockwood
  8. Gone Away
  9. Yorkville Blues
  10. In Your Head
  11. Hit Radio (interlude)
  12. The Machine
  13. Painted Hills
  14. Blood & Rain
  15. Wash My Dish

All songs written by Jeremy James Meyer except "Beer & Fried Chicken" with Owen Cook and "Voices" with Ben Lila.

Produced by Jeremy James Meyer and Adam Keil
Engineered by Adam Keil at the Music Shed Studios in New Orleans, LA.
Additional recording at Chad's house in New Orleans, LA.                        
Mixed by Adam Keil at Below Studio in New Orleans, LA.
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL.
Album Artwork by David Aaron Smith                                                       
Album photography by Camille Lenain and Michael Steinkirchner
©2018 New American Roots Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.





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My debut studio album Jeremy James Meyer LP is set for release in late December and I am excited to share it with you all! It has been a long haul, and an entirely collaborative process that has had love and care put into it by many hands and minds, and now I'm looking to you!

If you have enjoyed a show or a song or just ended up on my website and found the content thought-provoking or inspiring, I urge you to help me in this way!

I am opening up album pre orders, to help raise the necessary funds to finish printing the album. Initial release will be to online streaming and compact disc, with a second release to vinyl.

In turn, for your $15 contribution to that process, you will receive 1 bonus track for digital download that will NOT be included on the record, and a compact disc + digital download (upon completion and release).


I drove my van down to New Orleans in December 2016, and spent the latter half of the winter there. Working with engineer/producer Adam Keil at the Music Shed Studios, we built the scenery, which came to life as we molded and shaped. It's story is my story, its your story--its the story of failures, and of successes. Of growth and loss, pain and happiness. Its the story of America. I came into this world singing, and throughout my life I've created distractions for myself that have brought me away from singing. This project has been an assertion of self. It has been a vehicle for my need to follow my own vision, and to collaborate with others input as I move along. A lot of listening, experimenting and surrendering. The list of people who have helped make this a reality is a long one, and its hard to say where it starts and where it ends. I suppose at the end of the day, my hope is that it doesn't end. That I put this out into the world and that it touches you, and you pass it on to a friend and it touches them, and the help continues on. I am humbled at this opportunity to share my music and myself with you in this way, and I hope that you are inspired in turn!

All contributions sincerely appreciated!