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I am a skilled woodworker/carpenter and builder with general knowledge in plumbing, electric, roofing, landscaping, trail building, metal work etc and learn quickly when I need to acquire a new skill. I have worked as a JOAT/handyman for the Boonville Hotel in Boonvillle, CA; as a carpenter (and maintenance man for private accounts) for Seven Seas Carpentry in Santa Cruz, CA; as a carpenter, assisting with installations for my father's business Mark Meyer Woodworking; as a woodshop supervisor in the U of O craft center; and for myself as a freelance builder/handyman/manufacturer. I work diligently, keeping my personal safety and those around me a top priority. I am a problem solver and able to think outside the box. I have been building/fixing/working on things most of my life and as a job for 11 years.


Jeremy began the lifelong pursuit of craftsmanship through woodwork at an early age. From 1996-1999, he and his sister Mischa and their friends Owen and Colter Millehrer, built wooden swords and shields and peddled their wares in a handmade cart as 'Sir Arthur's Armory' at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair.

With continuing guidance from his father, Mark Meyer, a craftsman woodworker he learned basic tool maintenance and technique and would assist in installations.

In 2008, Jeremy began working at the University of Oregon in craft center, as a wood shop supervisor. He quickly immersed himself in the shop, performing routine maintenance to tools and equipment, maintaining inventories and facilitating safe practices and consultation to shop users.

In 2009, Jeremy stepped in as an interim woodworking teacher at the Eugene Waldorf School for the 6th and 8th grade classes. He guided students in the completion of independent projects ranging from bowls and spoons, to shaker-style stools and boxes, all without the aid of power tools.

In 2011, Jeremy began pursuing carpentry and woodwork as a full time job, sending him south to Boonville, California where he worked as a builder for the Boonville Hotel. In Boonville he ventured out of the shop--of furniture and cabinetry--and began to accrue skills in structural building. From framing, to concrete, to electric and plumbing all the while balancing function with form.  Here are some of his works.

Second story addition with lower and upper decks.

50' x 12' storage shed.

Doug Fir pole timber frame. Outdoor kitchen and entry.

Various artistic and creative endeavors.

Deli counter for Diggin' Livin' Natural Foods.

1989 Ford E250 Custom conversion w/ redwood and cedar interior.

Porch to live-in studio conversions.

Tables from reclaimed woods.